How to Become a Bank Teller

Banking sector has always been a great environment for those who wish to have a career that provides you with an opportunity to grow and pays well. It’s not a cake walk as one has to be consistent and work hard to achieve success but by doing so, one can be sure of good times ahead.

The entry level job in the banks is a teller. The main function of the teller is to deal with clients who have come to make deposits or withdrawals at the bank and some other allied services as well. Just like the cashiers at the stores, they are the most important people for the success of their institution as they have the most interaction with people and build the repute of the bank.

If you are looking for a career in the banking industry, starting off as a teller is the way to go forward. You will need to follow a simple path that leads to your goal.


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    Generally you will need to have at least a highs school diploma to be eligible for the bank teller’s job. If you are studying in college, it can be a plus particularly for future promotions but is not a necessity. Do make sure that you have good basic math skills as you will need to use them.

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    Look for Openings

    Every now and again, banks advertise positions for bank tellers. Be on the lookout for these ads and once you come across one, apply with all the required documents. Make sure that you do it as soon as possible.

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    Customer Skills

    You will need to have some good customer dealing skills. Make sure that you make a good mention of these skills on your application. If you have a prior experience in dealing with customers that will certainly be an added advantage though it is quite likely that most people applying for the job will likely be having that experience. So be sure that you not only have the experience but are also good at it.

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    Take the Exam

    Be well prepared for the exam and then interviews that the bank will hold for you. You need to first pass the test and then impress the interviewers to get the job. There are going to be many candidates so make sure that you score well on the test to boost your chances to get the job.

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    Get Certified

    After a specific amount of time doing your job as a teller, you can apply to take the exam for certification as a teller. The exam is generally conducted by a central body related to banks. Adding this certification will add to your value as a teller and will open more opportunities for you in future.

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