How to Answer a Law Question

There are two types of people in this world; those who speak the truth and lawyers. The truth speakers are few and far between and everyone else falls under the lawyer category, not because we practice law but because we have the same habits of lawyers such as lying, manipulating the facts and attempting to deceive others for our own personal gain.

Although that may have been a gross generalization we simply wanted to drive home the fact that with our innate ability of being like a lawyer, we should be able to answer any law related question that is thrown at us, whether we have registered with the bar or have a law degree or not. There are a few terms that one needs to know and a few informational documentaries that they need to watch in order to get themselves up to speed.


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    Firstly, television series such as Boston Legal and the Practice are great for exposing oneself to lawyer terms and law related questions and situations. However, our recommendation is to watch Suits, because they not only show the viewer how to answer law questions but answer them with style, which should be your ultimate aim.

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    Then there are the various terms one can use in different situations and on different questions. ‘Objection!’ or ‘I object’ are two popular answers to law questions. This not only shows your assertion but gives the impression that there is something wrong with the question or statement itself. It also makes you look and sound professional as well.

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    ‘Sue me!’ or ‘I’ll sue you’ are two other popular answers to law questions as well. As opposed to the usual ‘bite me’ or ‘kiss my ***’, these terms express the same meaning but in a more law friendly way.

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    ‘Permission to approach the bench’ can be used in a multiple of law related questions. Firstly, this can allow you some time to think up an answer. It can also be used to court a member of the opposite gender by seeking permission to approach the other person in a law friendly way.

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    The final way to answer a law question is to shout, at the top of one’s voice, ‘I am the law!’ This is a ‘shut up’ call to the other person and should end the need of answering the question there and then.

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