How to Set Up an Artist’s Stool

The stool is one of the most important tool for a working artist, as it the main resting place. Regardless of the nature of the art, it is almost impossible for the artist to work conveniently, and relentlessly, without a stool. The stool should be really comfortable as well as functional. The height and width of the stool should be right for the artist to work.

Setting up an artist stool sounds an easy task, but doing it right is tricky. You need to ensure that items present around the stool don’t cause any hindrance, and under no circumstances, the stool should get displaced.


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    Selecting the stool

    When selecting a stool, the element of comfort should be your top priority. A painter cannot afford having a backache during the job. Selecting the right chair means that it is comfortable as well as portable. Most of the artists don’t like to sit at the same place for hours, so the chair should be easily moveable.

    The height of the stool depends on the height of the artist. It is best to add a couple of cushions to the stool, if its base is not comfortable. Make sure the artist has the freedom to increase or reduce the height of the chair.

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    Positioning the stool

    Once you are done with the selecting and buying of the stool,  you should position it wisely.  Position it in such a way that the artist can use it with ease. It is not a good idea to place the chair in the corner or against the wall, because you won’t be able to move around. Make sure the artist, if you are setting it up for somebody, does not have to bend his back during the job.

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    Height of the Stool

    The height of the stool should be right, so the artist has the freedom to work at different angles. The size of the table depends on what sort of art you are creating. If you make  sculptures, you need to buy a stool, whose height can be adjusted.

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    Locking the Wheels

    Once you are satisfied with the height and location of the stool, you need to lock the wheels. This will help you achieve a solid base. Nobody likes a moving chair while painting or doing other art related work.

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