How To Prepare for Phone Interviews

In a bid to qualify for a job, one should keep in his mind that many companies initiate the hiring process with phone interviews and if found suitable, they then call you to visit the office where a panel of their high rank officials awaits you.

Phone interviews are considered efficient and time saving by many corporations as they help them in saving their time and that of a candidate. The telephonic interview method is usually adopted by the firm when they require services of a particular person on ad hoc basis and have received a large number of resumes for that position.

Usually, firms go for the phone interview method when the candidate is out of station or in other country as this makes it easier for them to evaluate the potential candidate. There are certain key points that an individual should keep in mind while going to take the job interview call as it can get tricky at times. Therefore, one should prepare well for the job interview and try to overcome all the deficiencies as opportunity knocks just once. Also keep in mind, that telephonic interviews often take place on the short notice.


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    The company going to conduct your phone interview will inform you about a particular day for this activity. You should take out some time and set up the place where you intend to talk to them. Make sure you have your privacy there as these calls come when you are not expecting them.

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    You should have a pen and paper to jot down the important points along with a copy of your resume so you could explain your achievements in detail.

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    Ask your kids and other family members to note down the contact number and the name of person if the call comes in your absence.

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    You should carefully choose the place to attend call interviews as a noisy place can cause distraction while your interview is in progress.

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    Only accept the telephone interview option if you have adequate time which should be around 45 minutes. If you do not have much time or you are busy in some activity ask your interviewer if he/she could call you at an appropriate time.

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    Make sure your throat is clear and you have a clear voice as otherwise your interviewer will be uncomfortable.

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    Remember, your ultimate goal is to pass the phone interview so you could be shortlisted for a face-to-face meeting.

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    After you are done with your interview, you should dispatch a thank you message to your interviewer as this leaves a positive image.

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