How to Mess Up an Interview

There are certain things in an interview that a person should have to be careful about as the absence of any of these can mess up the interview. In most cases, people do not want to ruin their interviews as they want to get a job. There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind otherwise your interview will be messed up. Most of these things are small in nature and carry little importance in our daily life but interviewers are pretty strict about these.


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    Unreasonable dressing

    The first impression that an interviewer takes of a potential candidate is from his/her dressing. Sound dressing gives a positive image about the candidate but if you have not dressed up properly, then most of the interviewers will take it as an act of you not being serious. Therefore, it is important that you should wear formal dressing otherwise your interview will be messed up within the initial minute. Unreasonable dressing includes wearing casual or informal clothes and avoiding dress pants, dress shirts or suits.

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    Sitting too relaxed

    After you have walked in to the room, the next important thing is to sit properly. You should ask the permission of the interviewer before sitting on the chair otherwise it will give the wrong image. Now, you must sit attentively on the chair and do not be too relaxed otherwise you will end up ruining your interview.

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    Placing documents on the interviewer’s desk

    Another common mistake that candidates often do is to place their CV's or other documents on the interviewer’s desk without seeking his/her permission. It is recommended that you should hold the documents in your hand until you are advised to do otherwise.

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    Addressing questions in a rude tone

    You should address all questions of the interviewer in a proper tone and do not try to be rude with him/her. People often make the mistake of responding to an interviewer in a high or unreasonable pitch. This leaves a negative image to the interviewer as they are often offended by such acts. Your interview will also be messed up if you are talking to the recruiter in a rude tone.

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    Do not ignore questions

    If a panel is interviewing you, it is highly recommended that you should address all the questions in a proper way. A person often gets confused in a panel interview and ignores the question of a particular person, which often results in the failure of a candidate from getting the job.

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