How to Avoid Post Retirement Regrets

How I wish I could have done that differently.

This is the most common and repetitive phrase you will hear once you set upon interviewing a group of people who have recently retired or are on the cusp of retiring.

There can’t be a person in this world who can make the right decision at the right time, virtually every time. This is just not humanly possible and we all accept that fact more or less. However, there is a huge difference between tentative decision making and bad decision making, and it is the latter which we should avoid, while we can, to eliminate any chance of regretting them post retirement.

Some prime and common examples of bad decision making during our work life have been detailed in this article.


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    Quit the Bad Job

    Most people tend to give in to the glitter of money, and take up a job which although is relevant to their field, but is not quite something which they enjoy doing. The end result is that they get mentally saturated very quickly and don’t enjoy what they are doing. This more often than not is the biggest post retirement regret.

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    Develop a Spine

    Everybody experiences a bully at a workplace, be it their boss, immediate supervisor or a co-worker. In most cases, people tend to shy away confronting these bullies, who only know how to get their own way and make people under or with them do which they later come to regret.  To avoid this, you should learn to say no and draw a line beyond which you will not go.

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    Learn to Take Calculated Risks

    Success only comes to those, who know how to take risks. There arise many opportunities during a professional career when a person stands at a cross road and the situation demands him/her taking a risk to move forward. Most of us tend to play safe and avoid making the uncertain leap and down the road, we can only reflect what on what could have been.

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    Stop Being Thin Skinned

    People love to talk and gossip and they have an opinion about anything and everything. If you get entangled about what other people think or talk about you, and whether they like your social outlook, then you are living in a fool’s world. Everybody is his own man in this cut throat world and people who don’t develop a thick skin often regret it later.

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    Personal Life is Important

    There is simply no compromise on personal life. Your professional work and worries should never influence the time you spend at home.

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