How to Quit a Job without a Letter of Resignation

The purpose of just about everyone’s life these days is to end up getting a job. This is because you have got to pay the bills one way or another.

Now getting a job is no easy task, it takes lots of effort and it takes a long while before you actually end up getting the job in the first place.

Once you do have the job, at times you realize that you don’t want to work at your organization any longer. Now this is a rather odd feeling, but sometimes people feel this way. On other occasions, people tend to get better job offers and as a result, they wish to leave their current job.

However, sending in a resignation and following the formal path to quit can take a lot of time, which is why there are alternatives to quitting.


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    Get fired

    Now the best way to leave without handing in a resignation is to get fired. This way the company will immediately ask you to leave, and they might even give you some money to part ways with them.

    Getting fired won’t be an easy task, and it will take a lot of effort from you to make sure that the company has no option but to let you go.

    You need to do absolutely no work for as long as you can. Then once you are warned, continue to do no work again. Now if the place you work at is sensible, they will part ways with you and let you go.

    In a very rare circumstance, they might recognize your ability to stick it to the top management and end up promoting you instead.

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    Fake a hand fracture

    The next best thing to do is to fake a hand fracture, which would make it impossible for you to type out your resignation.

    This way you can simply tell the office that you will be leaving, and they won’t have any option but to let go.

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    The last option is to just stop going to work. Don’t contact anyone, and change your house address. If you were smart, you wouldn’t have given the office your correct contact information and the correct identity card numbers.

    This way, you can just go on and disappear, and the office will never be able to track you down and try to pursue you in the future.

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