How to Become a Better Pool Player

Cue Sports are a part of games that are played with a cue sticks to strike balls on a particular table. There are three major types of Cue Sports, Pool, Carom Billiards and Snooker.

Pool, also known as Pocket Billiards, is one of the most common and popular cue sports game played in Europe. It is played on a Pool Table that consists of 6 pockets or receptacles along the rails.

Eight-Ball and Nine-Ball are two of the most popular versions of Pool. Both of these versions are played at professional level. Francisco Bustamante, Efren Reyes, Earl Strickland, Ralf Souquet, Ronato Alcano, Nick Varner, Wu Chia-ching, Daryl Peach, Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer and many others are some of the most renowned Pool players in the world.

Pool is not the easiest of the cue games, but this article will surely help all the amateur players to enhance their skills and become a better player.


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    Choosing a Cue:

    Cue is one of the most essential parts of playing Pool, and one must choose it very carefully. Always check the tip of the cue. It should be placed perfectly and it should not be worn down erratically. Also ensure that the cue is not uneven. To determine it, roll the stick over the table, and if it is straight, it will roll smoothly.

    Weight of the cue is also very important. A heavier cue helps you striking the ball effortlessly. However, one can also choose a light weight cue, but it will demand more power from you while striking the ball.

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    Holding the Cue:

    Everyone holds the cue in their own style. However, it is recommended to hold the cue like you are aiming from a gun. One’s chin must be placed right over the cue so that one can look straight down the length of the stick. In addition, the edge of the stick must rest firmly between in between your thumb and index finger. The butt of the cue must be in a straight position as of your cue’s tip. In other words, your cue must be parallel to the table to acquire control and accuracy.

    While moving the cue back and forth, the movement must be completely smooth, and your stick must move in a straight direction to ensure that you achieve better accuracy.

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    The Stance:

    Just like holding the cue, one’s stance is extremely important. It is recommended to place the front foot on the same side, where you have placed your hand on the table. Now spread your other foot a bit wide, and place it around 2 feet behind it. Do not face the table directly, as it will interfere while aiming for a shot. Instead, try to turn your body sideways slightly.

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    Using a Chalk:

    Most of the amateur players forget about using a chalk after almost every shot. Applying chalk at the tip of your cue is also important, and one should not forget about it.

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    Calculate the shot:

    Never rush through your shot. Always take your time, and move the cue smoothly until you are ready for striking the cue ball. Try to calculate the power, and the angle of the shot to have more accuracy.

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