How to Maintain Cleanliness in the Workplace

Scattered files, wasted sheets of papers, wrappers, used tissues, rags, misplaced decoration  items – if this reminds you of the place where you work, then you certainly have a problem, one related with hygiene and laziness. You can easily judge person by his/her surroundings and that does not apply to your homes only. Maintaining cleanliness and order at your workplace is as important, and actually helps you in getting more organized and efficient. What it also does is to save you from potential hazards like fire and slipping.


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    Trash Bins should be readily available

    Ensure that there are a lot of trash bins at your office. This will certainly help, one, because you are basically saving the effort of an employee to stand up, reach up to the basket and throw it, and secondly, because you are eliminating all the plausible excuses for your mess-creating workers.

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    Make sure that all the cabins and desks are well equipped for storage

    Many employees would want to keep their desks organized and clean, but if they won’t have enough space for stowing their documents and files, they are bounds to make space one way or another. This means that their table setting would be haphazard and they will be prone to ignore the finer details. As an employer you have to ensure, that your workers have requisite storage facilities like drawers and cabinets.

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    Keep on stressing the importance of cleanliness

    People need to be pushed for habits, they are not accustomed to. And, as an employer, you should make it a point to keep on reminding about the importance of cleanliness at the workplace.

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    Ensure that all the dining is done in Kitchen

    Many people have a habit of taking lunch while sitting at their desks. While this can be time saving method for the employee, the practice should be discouraged, because it adds to the mess.

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    Isolate the water dispensers

    All water dispensers should be placed at an isolated point. The spilled water can not only result in a slipping accident, but with people walking over it, the office floors are bound to get dirty.

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    Hire a good cleaning service

    Hire a cleaning service for your office and keep a tight leash on them.

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