How to Become a Qualified and Professional Ethical Hacker

Are you a tech savvy IT (Information Technology) professional who loves to crack down on hackers (unethical ones of course)? If so, there are plenty of opportunities for you to become an ethical professional hacker and curb malicious Internet users whose aim is to disrupt the freedom of online access.

Becoming a professional ethical hacker will take a lot of information and some real experience in the field, but if you are just starting out on your IT career, you can decide which road you want to take. There are several industries that need ethical hackers to keep their online system safe.


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    Get some certifications first

    Since your aim is to become a professional ethical hacker, you have to have some certifications to make eligible for a job. No matter what department you go to, they will ask you for credentials and profile. If you have a course or two in the IT and some programming, you can stand out in hundreds of candidates and your job prospects will be much better.There are plenty of course you can enrol in.

    For instance, if you still haven’t started out on your career, you can get A+ certification. Enrolling in Internet security certifications and networking course are a good option as it can strengthen your CV.  Having networking knowledge is very crucial in hacking world as you will be expected to guard against malicious software attacks in the network systems at your job.

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    Learn soft skills

    The hacking world does not focus too much on certifications and education, if you can prove that you are creative enough to save a computer system and can work in tough deadlines, you are a valuable asset. Similarly, companies looking to hire ethical hackers are more interested in finding out how smart the candidate is. They will assess your interpersonal skills such as communication skills.

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    Keep a clean record

    Since most of the organizations that look to hire ethical hackers are from the government, and that is why your track record should be clean. Engaging in illegal activities or black hat hacking can mar your profile and your chance of getting a stable job.

    Never intrude anyone’s network without getting prior permission, as it is deemed unethical hacking. If you have carried out some missions (projects) privately, you can mention them in your CV or profile, with some evidence.

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    Get certification from EC-Council

    After you have gained some hands-on experience in security-related hacking operations, you can get EC-Council certification to make yourself a recognized professional.

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    You are good to go!

    Contact military and other state-run organizations and ask for career opportunities. You can start off at a private entity to boost your experience.

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