How to Persuade Someone to Hire You

Fortunately, the literacy rate is improving as more and more people are paying attention to studies but due to the unavailability of jobs, the market is growing stiffer every day. Due to massive population and increased number of potential candidates, finding a suitable job has become considerably difficult. The days when graduated individuals were readily accepted by organisations have gone away and now most firms have unreasonably raised the eligibility criteria for a particular post.

This has placed the ball in the court of employers who have become very choosy. Appearing in an interview or giving a test for a job is not adequate anymore. Nowadays, employers require a candidate to appear in the test which is then followed by multiple interviews and from every step, only shortlisted candidates are called.

This has increased the need to convince employers that you have the necessary skills and potential they are looking for and you can work in the best interest of employers as well as of the organisation. For this, you should prepare hard and revise all the concepts that you have studied. If you are not a fresh graduate and a professional, you will have to give a logical reason why you want to leave your current job.


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    You should update your resume according to the recent trend in the industry. Make several copies of it as applying to a couple of jobs is not logical anymore. In some cases, job openings are advertised on unusual moments; you should be ready for them and try to be the first one to apply for it.

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    You should read the duties and responsibilities required carefully. After you know what is demanded by the employer, you should think hard how you can blend in your experience of the previous job to this new vacancy.

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    Have some patience and do not contact your potential employer too much as this will be taken negatively. Do not try to reach him again and again through calls or internet. Your application letter should be formal and convincing.

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    Prove to your potential employer that you have the potential and hiring you will be the best decision. For this, you will have to prove that the skills and experience you have will help the company achieve its goals and objectives efficiently.

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    Your attitude should be positive and try to be friendly.

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