How to Be Classy Like Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is one name that all of us are aware of. Women want to be her and men drool over her. The actress started her career at an early age and has maintained herself remarkably in the industry. She has become respectable and greatly praised for her talent and the classy image. Her personality and her style are iconic and she manages them perfectly. If you want to be like her, here are a few tips which you should definitely look into.


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    One thing that Natalie never compromises upon is her priorities. She is a Harvard graduate and has her life priorities settled. She never lets go of her self respect and dignity. She believes that education comes first and then career, that is why she pursued her college education and took a break from acting. So you need to be certain of what you want to do.

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    She is a private person and doesn’t like to create public scenes. She says that she is open but there are some things that she would only share with her close ones. She is not in favor of public confessions and because she doesn’t believe in sharing her personal life details with strangers. Natalie doesn’t like a lot of paparazzi surrounding her all the time and that is why she keeps herself away from scandals. Many stars say that but rarely follow it, Natalie has been able to maintain her image and avoid frauds or arrests or drug problems. This adds to her classy and lady like appeal.

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    Natalie is known for openly supporting causes that she believes in. She has been involved in a lot of philanthropic work. She is a strong advocate for animal rights and pediatrics Aids research. Natalie is the ambassador for FINCA international, it is an organization which gives loans to women who want to start their business and need aid in developing countries. This adds to her over all classy appeal.

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    Lastly you should adopt her dressing style. She dresses very modestly, doesn’t expose a lot of skin. You do not see her midriff or cleavage showing in all the dresses. Portman is also known for mixing different styles according to the occasion. She easily carries country style or glamorous looks. Do not forget to add some accessories to complete the look. She usually wears a necklace and adds a casual hat if it is day time.

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