How to Hire a Great Proofreader

The ability to write well is a great gift. It is the basis of all communication in the business world and it allows us to convey our thoughts to others. Another aspect that is very crucial along with writing ability is the ability to proofread.

On occasions perfectly written documents can leave a terrible impression if they have not been proofread properly. One must have a high quality proofreader available for this purpose. Making sure that there are no such errors is very important. Know what you need in a proofreader before hiring one.


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    Post an Ad

    This is the first step towards hiring a proofreader. Post an ad in local news paper and online as well. Leave your contact information where interested candidates can leave their resumes. Make sure that you state your requirements very clearly so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of the applicants.

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    Short List

    Shortlist these candidates on the basis of qualification and experience they have. You can also judge the abilities to some extent by the resume as well as the enthusiasm shown by the previous employers in the experience certificates.

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    Once you have shortlisted candidates, call them for interviews and ask them questions about the field in an in depth manner. Make sure that they are aware of their craft and can do well as per your needs as well. The better ones will certainly be more aware of the requirements of the job and will be better able to explain their skills.

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    Once you have picked the proofreader or proofreaders that you like, make them offers for the job. Be ready for some negotiations as often people will do that when they are finalising the job. Make sure that you offer them at least what is being offered in the market.

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    Make a Contract

    Once everything has been settled, draft a contract for the new employee or employees. Make sure that everything is crystal clear in the contract and there are no ambiguities as these can create a lot of problems later on. Once the agreements have been signed by both the parties, welcome your new proofreader aboard and get to work.

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