How to Be a Book Editor for a Publishing Company

If you have a keen eye for details and have a meticulous nature when it comes to spotting errors or grammatical issues in text, then becoming a book editor for a publishing company could be a smart career choice for you. Becoming a book editor is not easy, but if you work hard and are patient then you could be working for a publishing company. Finding mistakes within text can be a daunting task which is not for everyone. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a book editor then prepare to study hard to pursue your goal.


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    Learn about Editing:

    Learn as much as you can about the various methods of editing. Study all the different aspects of what publishing companies look for in a good book editor.

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    Get a Bachelor’s Degree:

    One of the major prerequisites to becoming a book editor is to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Go to a college which has a good reputation and study hard. Take courses in Journalism, Communications and English.

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    Find Internship:

    During your summer or winter break from college, look for internships with large publishing companies. This will definitely give you real world experience of book editing and the different methods used by publishing companies. Remember to work hard as you could get a permanent position after you graduate from college.

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    Join Book Editing Groups:

    You can find some book editing groups online that will help you get a better understanding of the work that is involved. Join some of these book editing groups and build up your contact base.

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    Look for a Job:

    Once you have graduated, look for a job with a large or medium sized publishing company. You might have to start at a lower position than book editor, but remember to work hard and try to make your way up the ladder.

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    Impress your Superiors:

    Working hard at a publishing company will definitely impress your superiors and hopefully speed up your career path towards becoming a book editor.

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    Try to network with as many book editors and publishing companies as you can. This will build up your contacts and get you in to a book editing position quicker.

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    In this day and age, many publishing companies are looking to outsource their book editing work to freelancers. Becoming a freelancer can help you get started in book editing from home. Although the pay might not be as high freelancing, it still will give you a good opportunity to start working as a book editor right after graduating from college.

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