How to Handle a Workplace Bully

Many of us have been bullied at the work place and sometimes we don’t even recognise the fact that we are being bullied. Our subordinates and superiors both can bully us by discriminating, harassing, physical assault or verbal abuses. We need to learn to stand up for ourselves and stop this act. If you have ever been a victim of bullying or currently have to face a bully daily at the work place, then there are certain techniques that you can use to help you overcome or handle this extremely uncomfortable situation.


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    First you need to be aware that you are being bullied and that you should not be abused like this. It depends on you as to how you deal with the problem. If the bullying has been going on for some time, start recording the abusive incidents. Note the time, date, context and behaviour. If you note down general statements, no one will believe you. Note down the exact words and actions so that you have proof.

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    You should be aware that you have certain rights. Every company has a human resource department which has rules regarding such abuse. You could report your complaints to the department. If they do not respond, then you should take outside help. There are many human rights organisations or workplace consultants that will help you to deal with this

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    The bully needs to be exposed. You should file a complaint formally and give the required documentation. Tell in detail how the bully affects you morale and your performance at work. If he bullies other people as well, you could gather evidence from them and ask them for support. You could all form a group and say that you people will resign unless the bully is fired or some other solid action is taken.

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    You need to stand up to whatever is being said. If it is decided that the bully will be removed, you should be grateful and prepare how to get on with work. If the company doesn’t remove him, you should quit the job and find a new one. Your mental peace and self respect is more important than the existing job. When you go to a new place, analyse the environment first. Be careful that you may step into another bullying environment which will be hard to escape. Assess the turnover rate of the company and ask around why some people resigned previously. Observe if there are any aggressive or defensive behaviours during the interview session.

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