How to Write a Q&A Interview

You may get nervous while going for an interview, as you will be unaware of what questions will be asked of you. Therefore, you have to do proper research and have complete knowledge of the job you are being interviewed for. On the other hand, you might be looking for an admission in a college or university and that type of interview can also be somewhat tricky. Therefore, you should have complete confidence in your abilities while facing such a situation.

Some people believe that conducting an interview is the easiest thing on this planet, but this perception is entirely incorrect. The person judging your skills has to be fully prepared  otherwise he/she will be unable to fulfill the responsibilities. One important feature of conducting an interview is preparing the questions for it. You should always write them down, and go through them in detail before finalising them. They should be relevant and should not have any baseless details.

Let’s say that you have to hire a person for a specific job. The first thing you need to do is collect all the resumes and shortlist the candidates. Once you have done that, you need to write down the questions and answers, so that you don’t get confused while meeting different people. If you are not well prepared and ask unimportant questions, the candidate might get confused and lose the job, despite having the capabilities to fill the vacant position in your organisation.


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    If you are conducting the interview for a Human Resource executive, you will not have to look for a lot of details, as that will be related to your own field. However, there are other departments in an organisation you will not be aware of at all. So, make sure that you have done proper research before preparing the interview.

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    Look for open ended questions

    It is ideal to write down open ended questions, as you will get to know more about the interviewee. He/she will not have to answer by saying yes or no, and you will be able to judge his/her confidence easily.

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    Ask for basic qualification

    It is always important to ask the questions regarding the candidate’s qualification. By doing this, you will be able to find out whether he has the knowledge of the specific field in which the organisations requires a person.

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    Conclude the interview

    Concluding the interview properly is quite important. You should tell the candidate politely that he/she will be contacted soon regarding the job.

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