How to Join the Coast Guard

Though, the basic job responsibilities of Coast Guards are search, rescue, environment protection, stopping the smuggling but during wartimes they join hands with the Naval forces. It makes this profession charming, thrilling and respectable. If you are motivated enough to serve your country then joining Coast Guard is your best bet.

You will get chances to explore new places every day, put your best abilities in security operations and perform law enforcement duties. However, it is not easy to be a Coast Guard officer as you must have a strong educational background and ideal physical fitness. Just keep couple of important things in mind to be part of the Coast Guards.


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    Learn about the field:

    You should start by learning about this line of profession. There are many fields in this career and every field has different job responsibilities. Similarly, every field requires certain kind of skills. You must do some research about various career paths and then decide which one to follow.

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    Are you eligible:

    You must evaluate yourself and try to find out whether you are eligible for this profession or not. You may contact their information office and ask for the relevant literature. You can also visit their official website and get all the information. Usually, age, educational history and physical fitness are three things that are considered.

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    Seek help from an experienced person:

    If you are still confused then you should contact an experienced person and ask for some guidance. The best way is to meet a Coast Guard officer. Have a detailed discussion about the recruitment process and job responsibilities. This will really help you to decide the field and succeed in joining the forces.

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    Submit your application:

    Now, when you are fully focused and ready for the process, it’s time to submit your application. You can get forms from their local office or simply visit the department’s official website and submit online. If you are young then apply for Coast Guard Academy otherwise go for direct commissioning programme.

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    Get in shape:

    You must be super fit to join Coast Guard so start elevating your fitness level. Join a fitness club and train under the supervision of a professional instructor. You may get in shape by simply following an exercise routine.

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    Take the aptitude test:

    Last but not the least; you will have to clear a written test and interview. Again, you should ask some experienced person to help you in this regard.

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