How to Greet On a Telephone Interview

Telephonic interviews while serving the same purpose as a face-to-face meeting between an employer and the candidate is completely different to the traditional interview. According to surveys, job applicants find themselves in very uncomfortable situation while talking to the hiring manager on the phone. This is because they can’t judge the other person on the phone through their body language. Although a telephonic meeting can give an entirely different feel than a traditional interview, the applicant is required to introduce himself as he will do in any other interview, except for the fact he will not shake the interviewer’s hand. So if you are expecting to have a telephonic meeting with a potential employer, it is extremely important to do your research to leave a good impression on the hiring manager.


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    Consider telling your family that you are expecting a telephonic interview. Let them know when you're on the telephone so they remain silent. You can face a lot of problems if there are disturbances and disruptions during the interview.

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    Always answer the call by saying "Hi, this is “Your name”. Brent Peterson, the founder of Interview Angel, suggests that the applicants should avoid saying a simple Hello to their potential employers at all costs. When the person on the other side describes he is “Joe Smith”, he is likely to introduce himself and ask how are you doing? Consider telling him that you are doing great and ask a question in return. If person on the other side of the phone does not introduce himself properly, you should say something along the lines like “it is great to talk to you again” and “Thank you very much for calling”.

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    Speak normally. You should not sound too desperate for the job. Some people have a habit of speaking very loudly on the phone, particularly during an interview. However, to impress the potential employer, you should speak softly and gently.

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    Never breathe with the phone close to your mouth. When you first get the call, there are chances you will be thrilled, anxious and going through all kinds of feelings that can have an impact on you breathing. Consider making a conscious effort to avoid sounding the way you are feeling. Always direct your breath away from the phone.

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