How to Be a Home-Based Travel Agent

In this age of internet, working from home has been gaining popularity. You can work as a travel agent from your home as effectively as you can do any other work. You should search online about the training aspect of the work, get yourself trained, and then start working. Also, it is better to allocate a room or a portion of your room to set up your computer and stationery. You might expect some visits from clients, so have couch or a couple of chairs around the place.


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    If you do not have any experience of working as a travel agent, it is better to get yourself trained properly. You can also learn the job skills by working with a travel agency for some time. Gaining a practical experience is always helpful.

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    After gaining experience, get yourself registered as a travel agent with the relevant agencies i.e. ASTA. Registration is must, as without it you cannot start working.

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    Set Up Office

    It is better to allocate a room or small portion of your room where you can work with peace of mind. Have a computer or laptop in the area, a printer and a telephone. Having a proper place for working, you can concentrate more on your work. Also, once you are on your computer, your family will know that you are working and they will avoid disturbing you.

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    Start working with booking of packages for your family and friends. You can have some difficulties in getting clients at the start, since people do not know about your work. But once people know more about your work, they will start contacting you for your services.

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    Marketing and Promotion

    Getting clients will depend on marketing and promotion of your work. One way is word of mouth. However, you can make use of internet, business cards and advertise through other paid or unpaid means to publicize your work. The quality of your service can also let people know about your work.

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