How to Become a Genealogist

Genealogist is a person who studies families and traces their lineages and history. They use genetic analysis, historical records, oral customs and some other records to get the information about a particular family in order to demonstrate the kinship of all its members.

Genealogists use different kinds of charts to display their work. Most of the people become genealogist because they are concerned in tracing their family. However, some people study genealogy to become professionals. If you are looking forward to pursue your career as a professional genealogist, you must be hard working, diligent and should possess good analytical skills.


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    Get formal education

    There are many colleges and universities which provide formal education. The most important universities include Utah's Brigham Young University, Hawaii's Akamai University, Boston University and the University of Washington. If you don’t have time for formal education, you can study genealogy at your home by taking help from the CDs issued by National Genealogical Society's Home Study Course.

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    Read publications of professional genealogists

    National Genealogical Society and the APG publish different journals in which the latest researches of genealogists are included. You must read the publications so as to get knowledge about genealogy.

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    Join a genealogical society

    Many professional genealogists have made societies where they discuss the latest trends and researches. So, you must join such societies to improve your skills.

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    Attend genealogy conferences and seminars

    Many conferences and seminars on genealogy are held throughout the year in different states in which genealogists from around the world share their experiences and studies with each other. Besides, they also discuss the latest discoveries and issues which they are facing related to their studies. So, in order to get initial knowledge about genealogy, you must attend the conferences and seminars in your state.

    Most of the national genealogical conferences are organised and sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS). Furthermore, some of the conferences and seminars are also organised by different colleges and universities.

    For instance, National Institute of Genealogical Research administers different seminars during the year and help the genealogists in getting access to federal records.

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    Develop your resources

    It is very important for you to develop your own resources from where you can get the genealogical records of different families. It will help you in making essential discoveries.

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