How to Be a More Assertive Teacher

Teachers play a crucial role in the building of nations. They must work hard for society to have citizens that are useful and have all the required civic sense. It is not an easy job and one must be extremely dedicated.

Unfortunately with the commercialisation of education, the level of respect for the teachers has gone down with time. Some of the teachers are responsible for this as they are more interested in making money than work. If you are a teacher and want to be assertive, there are some steps that you must take and maintain to be successful.


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    If you are dedicated to the profession of teaching, no one can dare raise a finger at you. You must know in your heart that you are sincere and do your job to the utmost of your abilities and constantly challenge yourself to do better. You know that you are trying to build a better nation and have no bad intentions. The confidence from your dedication will make you a stronger person.

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    Command Respect in Class

    Let it be known to the class that while they study in your guidance, you are the boss. You do not need to be bossy to prove it and there is no need to be angry or aggressive. A polite manner can deliver the point. Engage students during class and if someone is misbehaving or not paying the required attention, devise methods to engage them more. Do not let anyone disrespect you. If someone is creating a rumpus, give them a stern look, it can often be much more effective than a punishment.

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    If you are discussing something with the parents or a student, ideally do not have your desk between them and yourself. Sit in front of them and make eye contact when necessary. Be serious and listen to their matters carefully so that they know that they are not wasting their time and you are giving them due attention. Try your best to resolve any issues they may be having.

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    Listen and Respond

    Be calm and listen to the student and their parents patiently. Many of them will have demands that make little sense and they may even try to intimidate you in various ways. Be polite but firm and let them know that neither their demand could be met nor their intimidation has any affect on you as you will carry on the way you should.

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