How to Deal with an Incompetent Boss

Having an incompetent boss around can seriously damage and derail your chances of growing. An incompetent person is someone who makes inadequate decisions and lack knowledge regarding the area of work. They lack leadership and do not have the strength to make effective decisions. It can be a frustrating experience to have a manager like that around, and if they do have a serious lack of knowledge then your growth in the company is at stake, and whatever you do to impress them, it will all go in vain because if the person lacks the knowledge of the work he is into then he is in no position to evaluate the work you put in and the hours you spend to get your work done.

Other then growth, an incompetent boss can damage your confidence, and this article will help in minimising the potential damage (occur by avoiding their incompetence), so it doesn’t affect your work.


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    There are certain things an incompetent boss can do to have a negative impact on your career. For example, as an employee, you look up to your boss to provide you certain goals and the direction on how to go about them, but when the boss is incompetent, then their directions can be pointless and bad. With bad direction often comes bad decision making, and that too affects your career negatively. If they are clueless about what you do in the office then your boss would have a hard time showing support on the right things you do.

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    To counter such problems, you need to stand up for yourself and do what you think is right for your career and the company you work for. Show leadership, and it can come from you, because there is no harm in doing what will bring good results for your company. So take charge whenever it is required.

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    If your incompetent boss is making decisions for the group you manage, then that can be a problem for you. He can either take that leader’s stance away from you or with his plain incompetency can misdirect your group and create further problems for you. All you need to do is spot the problem and have a word with your boss, and ask him that it would be great if you could be involved in the decision making process.

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    If you think things are going haywire, try to teach your boss about your work. Maybe he will pick on a few tips you give him, and work accordingly.

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    If nothing works, then there is no shame in leaving and heading to somewhere better. The chances are that you will not find two incompetent bosses at two different places, so don’t let some guy who doesn’t know squat about his job ruin your career.

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