How to Inquire About a Job after an Interview

Asking about a job after an interview requires skills. Although you don’t want to look desperate or irritate the interviewer, you do want to show that you are the right candidate for the available position. When your initial follow-up email doesn’t bring instant results, it is extremely important to wait to hear from the interviewer. Unfortunately, the candidate selection process often takes longer than originally anticipated.


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    Wait seven to 10 days to call the hiring manager after the interview has been conducted. If the company provided you a schedule, hang on until the day before making contact to inquire about the available vacancy. For example, if a company tells you that it will be contacting you regarding the job offer on the 10th of January, you should wait until the 11th to make a call. The employer will be definitely annoyed if you call up on the date he told he would make the decision.

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    After ringing up the employer, introduce yourself to him by telling him who you are and which position you submitted your job application for. Then ask if he has a few moments to have a quick discussion with you. Ask him if the company has made the decision for the available position. If the decision has not been made, consider explaining that you are still very much interested to join. Ask him if your application is still under consideration. If this is the case, inquire about when the company is likely to hire the right candidate.

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    Wait for at least seven days before making another call after the initial contact. This will help you avoid frustration. However, if the interviewer gives you a specific time for a follow up call, then consider following his instructions.

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    Never tell the employer that you are perfect for this job. Although there is no harm in explaining why your skills and abilities can add value to the team, you should do so briefly. It is advised not to leave any messages on the employer’s voice mall as this can also annoy him/her.

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    Always call or email and inquire softly about the position. If the employer is not available to talk on the phone, then speak to any other person on the phone and inquire when he will be in the office to have a word with you for a few minutes.

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