How to Become a Band Crew Member

With so much popularity being taken by solo artists these days, there is a little or no room for bands in the music industry. However some prominent band names still influence the music industry and have revolutionized it to such an extent that they are still mentioned.  Metallica is one such band that is at a league of its own. The band started out with four members back in 1987. Twenty five years down the road and many changes in its crew members, the band has made a remarkable impact on the music industry.

Success does not always come easy for these musicians. Metallica is just one of the millions of bands in the world these days and is only a few of those which can be named.

With so much uncertainty in the profession, it is difficult to depend on it for a living. This is the reason why most members of a band consider it as a serious hobby and not as a full time thing.

Some parents disallow their children from indulging themselves into music to an extent that they start taking it seriously, whereas some parents support their children and cater for all their needs in pursuit of their dream. This approach is not unusual because with so much money involved in the industry you never know who might luck out. Most of the top artists in the world did not have a platform set for them. They worked on it themselves and grabbed any opportunity that came at them. There are ways to include yourself in a band for you to exploit your potential and live your dream.


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    Learn to play the in instrument. Perfect that instrument and make a name for yourself by playing wherever you think it is possible. Play for different local bands before thinking of taking the bigger steps. If you are a vocalist, then you need to work on your voice.

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    You should know your area of interest. The genre you play must be in coordination with your interests, otherwise you will not be able to feel good with what you produce. If you enjoy playing pop music and land yourself somewhere in the heavy metal department, then you will definitely feel out of place.

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    Try playing different genres before opting for the one that you think is your area of interest. Listening to a genre and playing it are two different things. Experiment with yourself and your skills.

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