How to Become a Sculptor

The word "sculpture "in Latin (sculptura) means to “cut out”. The sculpture can be made of different materials – from the simplest, such as clay to extremely complex, such as granite, bronze or iron etc.

The creation of a sculpture may take only an hour or may take several years depending upon the shape, medium and the method used to create it. Sculpture can be made out of plaster, clay, sand or even snow, and is pretty much an artistic expression of a person’s vision.

It is something which requires adequate skill and craft. You can start learning this skill or art at any age. 


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    Try to get education from a college or university, should you want to learn how to make a sculpture. Some of the people are god gifted with this art since childhood while others take time to develop this skill in years. Whatever the case is, always look to polish your skills and keep track of the latest techniques in the field.


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    You need to draw sculpture of a man or an animal first in order to master this art and if, for example, you find it difficult to make any part of the body of the animal or the human being, work on it till perfection.


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    You have to work very hard in making the edges of the sculpture which ultimately gives fine look to the entire master piece. Try to work on this aspect in order to convince the spectators about your talent.


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    It is advisable to study the light and colour theory before learning this art. Look at different sculptures made by professionals. However, try to avoid copying them. Try to understand color shadowing and temperature in order to get a firm grip on this art.


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    For novice sculptors who dream to realize their creative ideas through this art, it is recommended to use materials such as gypsum. Due to its plasticity, ease of handling, ease of use, gypsum can be called universal sculptural material. Pay special attention to the quality of the material being used for making the sculpture. 

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