How to Be a Disneyland Cast Member

Disneyland is one of the most fascinating places to work and if can get a chance to work there as a cast member, it will be even more awesome. Becoming a cast member in Disneyland is a very hard job to do because there is an immense competition amongst the contestants who go for the auditions. The auditions are carried out by a committee of professionals. You must be very creative, versatile and hardworking to find the job as Disneyland cast member.

If you are planning to become a Disneyland cast member, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you should to watch was much as Disney movies as you can. It will help you in creating a firm understanding about the characters involved in the movies and their characteristics. Try to analyse the performance of the artists who are working in the movie. You have to be critical in your analysis, otherwise you will not be able to improve your skills.

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    Then, visit the official website of Disneyland in order to find out which new auditions they are planning to carry out. You should know that Disneyland invite people for the auditions of different roles throughout the year.

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    Besides, you should know that there are certain physical requirements which you will have to meet before getting a particular role. For instance, if you are planning to play a role of a princess, your height must be around 5.4-5.7 inches.

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    After fulfilling the physical criteria, you will have to pass an audition to get entry in Disneyland as a cast member. You will have to prepare well for the auditions. Learn about the character as much as you can in order to act like him. You can also take help from a private tutor or you can join acting school so as to train yourself for the auditions. Try to memorise the dialogues which you will speak during your auditions. Prepare yourself well for the audition and be original. Never copy any actor or artist, just be what you are. However, you can take inspiration from any other actor.

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    Try to dress up like the character at the audition to get the right feeling. However, if you can’t get the desired costume, don’t worry and just perform while pretending to be in the original costume.

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