How to Become a Certified Project Manager

Project managers are required in just about all industries throughout the world. There are several standards and qualifications that need to be met in order to guarantee the project managers have a certain set of skills. Be aware of the fact that the Project Management Institute provides a certification for project managers known as the Project Management Professional (PMP). In addition to this, understand that certification is not required to get most management jobs but it definitely adds credibility to your future job applications or career growth. There are a couple of ways to become a certified project manager.

Things Required:

– Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent 4 year degree)
– 4500 hours (3 years) of project management work experience
– 35 hours of project management training
– A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge book


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    See if you can take the exam

    Check if you are qualified to sit for the PMP certification. You need to have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent 4 year degree. Remember a 3 year degree is not good enough. You should have 4500 hours of project management work experience in about 3 years or so. Lastly, you need to take a 35 hour training of project management. You can get this by visiting the closest Registered Education Provider. Check the address on the PMI site for more guidance. On the other hand, a high school diploma is sufficient if you have not done the Bachelor's program. However, you should now have 7500 hours of project management experience.

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    Join PMI and register for the exam

    After you meet the qualification criteria, sign up with PMI and complete the forms for the exam. Becoming a member of PMI is not required but it has a few advantages of reduced exam fees. Also, you should download a copy of the book “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.” The exam will be on this book and taken online. You will get a letter after a week of your registration.

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    Pay the exam fees and sit for the exam

    The fee is $405 for members and $555 for others. A set number of people are chosen for audit randomly. If you are selected for an audit, you have to give them copies of your education, work experience and training. In the other case, you get the “Authorization to Test” straight away. After this, visit the Thomson Prometric site and set a date for the exam, then sit for it. They are usually held twice each day and it is a 4 hour long test.

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