How to Confess your Sins at Home

Committing sins is bad, but not repenting after committing them is even worse. Some of us at a point of our lives come to the realization of bad things we have done in our past, and that is moment of time when we should confess our sins and seek for God’s forgiveness for them.

You can start this with confession of your sins. A worship place is generally accepted place to go and reveal yourself in front of the religious leader, but it is not necessary that you have to go a worship place and disclose all things you think you have done bad in the past to seek God’s forgiveness. You can even narrate all your sins in a silent environment in a room where no one else hears you but your God, and truly repent what you have done. This will enlighten you of your sins that you have been carrying in your memory since committing each one of them.

You may also confess your sins to a person who closest to you and you trust that person so much that confide your secret things to them. The person can bear witness that you genuinely regret what you have done and this can enlighten you.

One important factor in this confession is a promise that you have made to yourself for not doing same things again in the future, and although your seeking of forgiveness will enlighten you, if you commit same sins again, this will destroy you more inside and then you might not be able to regret in the same ever again. So be sincere to yourself and seek forgiveness once for all.

Generally, a religious leader i.e. father, prayer leader in a mosque or any other worship place is a person that people tend to discuss their problems with and seek ways and methods for their solution. This includes your sins, and before you confess what you done bad, you should be aware of the timings of these people and chose the best time you can expected a better help from them.


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    Be Sincere

    Remember to be sincere about confiding all your sins to the leader, and seek forgiveness for them once for all. It is not possible that you regret now what you have done and next moment end up doing same thing again.

  • 2

    Collection Information About Worship Place

    Before heading to church, mosque, temple or any other worship place, you should collect information about the prayer leader, when he is free often and what is the best time to get help from him.

  • 3

    Confide Your Sins

    It is not possible that at age of 54 or more or less, you can tell the entire description and details of each sin you have committed, but it can be you confide about what you have generally been doing bad. This can involve other people and other living souls on this earth.

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    Be Regretful

    Although you cannot see God's is watching you, but a prayer leader can tell from your attitude whether you are genuinely regretful. He does not have authority to forgive your sins on behalf of God, but he can be more helpful in telling you remedial measures.

  • 5

    Ask for Prayers

    Before you leave the worship place after confessing as much as you can, ask the prayer leader to pray for your forgiveness. People praying on your behalf can be sometimes helpful, as you do not know whose prayers are accepted more by God and whose not.

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