How to Make Money as an Artist

There are numerous artists worldwide, who are simply adored because of the work they have done. Since they have become popular, it is easy for them to earn money through their work. People don’t hesitate working with them and respect them for what they have achieved through art.

However, things are different for beginners, who might be extremely good at what they do, but fail to make money out of that because of the fact that no one really knows much about them. Therefore, they need to find the right path in order to become successful and make their work pay them in return.

Things Required:

– Portfolio
– Website
– Social media


  • 1

    Build a portfolio

    Probably the most important thing you need to do is build a portfolio, which contains different pieces of your work. Take your time in selecting the best work you have done. Ask friends and family members to give you some idea about what should be included in your portfolio. Moreover, add a brief summary about yourself and the work you have done in your career as an artist. Remember that the cover of your portfolio should be vibrant so that it catches the attention of others quickly. In case you like all of the information in digital form, create the portfolio on a CD.

  • 2

    Take part in art competitions

    Look for different art competitions in your area, since they will give you an opportunity to showcase your talent. If you do well in them, you can find more similar competitions in other cities and take part in them. If you continue doing well, you might get the support of the local government to appear in international art festivals.

  • 3

    Try getting your work published

    Although it will be a touch difficult in the beginning, yet you should continue striving to get your work published in reputable magazines, books or on the internet. Once you are successful in doing so, you can become popular pretty quickly.

  • 4

    Build a website

    Buy a domain or build your own website in order to promote your work. Display your work on the website and request your friends and family members to visit it regularly, so that you continue getting hits. Moreover, ask them to promote your work amongst their friends and family.

  • 5

    Make a social media fan page

    Use social media websites to promote your work. Make a fan page, where your admirers can comment and like your masterpieces.

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