How To Deal with Bullying at Work

Most of the people are disturbed with the bullying activities done by their colleagues at the workplace. The worst part is this activity often gets ignore or overlooked at offices and results in the deteriorated performance of victim employees who then fall prey to their bosses. At times, bullying is done by colleagues but mostly it comes from the superiors.

Instead of creating a positive environment in office, some people take their bullying habits to office and get pleased by doing this to their co-workers. This usually involves pinching, undermining or ridiculing the efforts done by their colleagues. This not only bothers the individuals at their work place but they also suffer from if socially and financially.

People often forget taking necessary measures against such people as they can report against their intolerable activities or file for a lawsuit.  Majority of the bullying activities are enforced by the executives high in command as they consider it a necessary mean to get the required work done, which in actual does the opposite. It not only disturbs the person mentally but his performance at work and the ability to pay complete attention to the required things decreases considerably.


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    You should assess the sensitivity of situation, keeping note of that how much stress is the bully causing you and how much it is affecting you.

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    You should not stay quiet at such activities as this gives them more courage and they keep on doing such activities. You might not be a fan of doing argument or having a conflict but note that, if you say silent it will only make things worse.

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    Keep track of all the bullying activities he does. You should also use the word file and make a chart of it, keeping track of date, time and incident so when required, you will be able to argue with evidence.

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    Try talking to him/her alone and explain that his/her activities are wrong and he/she should stop harassing you, telling him/her how you are affected by such activities.

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    If proved useless, you should have a talk with your supervisor. Show him/her the sheet you maintained and explain all the incidents as if he/she ignores your concern, the supervisor can play a pivotal role in teaching sense to him/her.

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    If any of the above efforts fail, you should file a case to take a legal action against him/her.

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