How to Become a Caption Writer

Today, there are a lot of functions in which caption writers are required. Caption writers are responsible for operating computerised captioning system to create captions for television productions and movies. A caption writer can either provide these captions for hearing impaired viewers or for foreign languages. Becoming a caption writer is a lot tougher than it seems. For most people, becoming a caption writer is all about being good at English, which is a misconception. Caption writers also have to be well trained and at the same time, very attentive.


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    There is no particular degree requirement for becoming a caption writer. As long as you have a good grasp of English language (listening and writing) you can be a caption writer. However, you cannot deny the worth of a degree or certificate from a reputable institute. It will help you reach your career goal faster.

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    Enrol in an English certification program. The more certifications you have, the better it is. You need to have a certificate in language proficiency. In addition, a certificate in writing proficiency would give an edge over others.

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    Get a certification in caption writing. According to the U.S> Bureau of Labour Statistics, a certification in caption writing can boost your chances of scoring a job. NCRA offers the designation of Certified Broadcast Captioner (CBC) to its members.

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    Pass NCRA’s test to be enrolled. The test will comprise of a written test and a 5-minute test for captioning. You will have to write at least 180 words every minute.

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    If you are already in the field of writing and editing then becoming a caption writer is easier. You will have to get some real time work experience in the field. For this, you can apply for jobs in national and local broadcasting agencies. You can also apply in media agencies. Initially, you might face issues in being selected but with a proper certification, you stand tall among others.

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    Practice your captioning skills if you want to be a caption writer. Sit in front of the TV and start writing captions of movies. This will allow you to improve your caption writing and listening speed.

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