How to Be a Great Manager That Employees Want to Work With

A manager’s role is crucial to the success or failure of any organization, as it is managers who make employees feel comfortable and keep them motivated. An incompetent manager can do nothing to help the organization prosper, while a good manager can take the company to new heights – this is because what they do affects just about every member of the organization. If you are working at an organization and you aspire to become a good manager in the future, you should know that there are several factors and dos and don’ts that will make or break your career as a manager.


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    Motivate employees

    Unless you learn to motivate the people you work with, you cannot get the results you want as a manager. Great managers are big on interaction and they know how to get others to do the job. Motivating people does not mean that you should adopt heavy-handed tactics to get things done; instead, try to motivate employees by giving them confidence and hope. Understand each employee’s behaviour and assess what can motivate them. Some employees can be motivated with ambitions for success, some with money and some with power. Handle everyone according to what they are driven by.

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    Appreciate good work

    Lean to appreciate good work done by your employees. Great managers are not stingy when it comes to praising good pieces of work done by an employee. If you are running a large team comprising dozens of workers, you should keep an eye on each employee’s progress. If you have tracked an employee’s performance and they have met the standards set by the organization, acknowledge their efforts. Write them a quick email telling them how satisfied you are with their progress. Interacting with the employees and telling them how well they are working keeps the relationship between you and the team intact and strong.

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    Be ready to point out the flaws and fix them

    Being the manager, it is your job to identify mistakes and do something to fix them. Your job is not to sit back and watch the employees work. Giving directions is definitely your core responsibility, but getting things done and reaping results should never be ignored, as this is what keeps the organization in business.

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    Delegate the tasks and responsibilities

    Delegate responsibilities to your employees according to their capabilities and work experience. You cannot be expected to take all the tasks into your hands and boss everyone around, as getting your employees involved and giving them some responsibility is the key to maintaining a healthy environment at the organization.

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