How To Conduct an Interview

Finding a job might not be a big problem, but giving an interview requires some nerves and people end up losing some great opportunities, if they are not able to present themselves well in an interview.

A lot can be said and written about the interviewee, but it can be a difficult thing to be on the other side of the table. Conducting an interview seems to be an easy task, but one has to be prepared for it and it requires you to be confident.

All the interviewees have to face only one person or a panel, but the interviewer has to deal with all sorts of people. This can be really difficult sometimes, as you can end up losing your temperament at any point.

Therefore, you need to be well prepared for conducting an interview, as that is not the easiest of tasks either.

Other than job related interviews, you might have to face any celebrity for an interview, if you are a media person. For example, you are working for a news channel and your boss has asked to get the views of any popular singer or actor.

Things can be even more difficult when you have to conduct an interview of someone like the President of the country. There is a lot of pressure on you and a small mistake can end up in a lot of embarrassment.

So should the interviewer be better prepared than the interviewee? Indeed, as you should have knowledge of what you are discussing and it is important to know details about the person on the other side of the table.


  • 1

    Stay relaxed

    Before you start things off, try to stay as calm as possible by listening to your favourite music of talking to your friends. There is no need to press the panic button, as you are the one who is going to ask questions.

  • 2

    Conduct a thorough research

    Before scheduling the interview, it is important to have complete knowledge of things you are going to discuss. Therefore, research the topic and try not to ignore even the smallest of details.

  • 3

    Make notes

    While doing research, it is important that you keep on making notes for yourself. You can forget some important points while conducting the interview, so it’s better off writing them down.

  • 4

    Be unbiased

    Don’t be biased if you are conducting interviews for a job, as that will be unfair to the candidates.

  • 5

    To the point questions

    There is no need to waste time on pointless questions, so try and be rational throughout the interview.

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