How To Deal with Gossip After a Layoff

After a lay off, one of the major problems everyone has to face is gossip. This needs to be dealt with both at the employer’s end as well as the employee’s end. If there has been a lay off at an organization, gossip at the workplace can easily destroy the overall motivation level of the remaining employees. If you are the one who has been laid off, it is even more important for you to ensure that there is no negative propaganda against you as you would wish to leave a place with a positive reputation. However, dealing with gossip requires prudence on part of all parties.

In this article, we have specifically focussed on the situation of the employee, who has faced the sack.


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    Do not overreact

    If/when you get to know that you have been laid off, you must face this situation bravely. Keep in mind that reacting emotionally to such a scenario will not do you any good. If you misbehave, shout or scream at the employer, you will allow others, especially your co-workers, to gossip about you.

    Everyone faces certain challenges at workplace. We can get laid off from our job even if we are working efficiently. Therefore, all of us need to be to mentally prepared to face such a situation at any stage of our careers. Apart from hampering you financially, a layoff can cause some mental unrest as you may have to face gossip. If you want to have peace of mind, you must learn to deal with gossip after a layoff.

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    Do not share unnecessary information

    Having been fired, you must not share too much personal information with your colleagues or friends. Just act normally and do not go into the details of the reasons behind your layoff. If you show them your emotions or you share personal stuff, you are inviting others to gossip about you.

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    Try to find a job as soon as possible

    Once you get laid off from a job, the best way to avoid gossip is to find another job very quickly. It will not just help you forget the whole situation; it will also stop others to gossip about you.

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