Top 10 things Must for a Job Interview

If you have completed your studies or looking forward to a better job, you will have to prepare for the job interview. The interviewer does not only see your educational background, but he also judges you as a person and whether you are fit for a particular job or not. Therefore, you have to present yourself as a good and competent candidate in order to get the job.

Your good educational background can give you a competitive edge during an interview, but it is not an end in itself and you have to prepare well for a complete evaluation of yourself.


  • 1

    Review your CV

    First of all, you have to review your CV. If you have any work experience, add it in your CV. Contrarily, if you are a fresh graduate, you can simply add the details about your internship under work experience. Make your CV as good as you can because it creates first impression about yourself on the mind of the interviewer.

  • 2

    Gather information about your employer

    It is extremely important for you to gather as much information as you about your employer. Go to the company’s website and gain knowledge about their history, vision, mission, core business values and operations. You must also go through their financial statements.

  • 3

    Revise your courses

    You don’t have to study everything once again, just revise the basic concepts of all the core subjects which you studied in your graduate programme.

  • 4

    Develop a list of expected questions

    You can easily prepare the list of the questions which you expect from the interviewer during the interview. The interviews normally start with common questions like introduce yourself and then gradually the interviewer moves onto the questions related to the areas of your expertise.

  • 5

    Practice for your interview

    It will be better for you to practice for your interview with your friends, siblings or parents.

  • 6

    Look tidy

    You must look tidy in your interview. Therefore, you should get a good haircut. Besides, clean your teeth properly.

  • 7

    Dress-up formally

    Wear a formal dress. A light coloured shirt with a matching tie and suit will be fine. Moreover, wear good shoes and socks.

  • 8

    Have faith in yourself and be confident

    You must have faith and confidence in your skills and abilities so as to achieve success in the interview.

  • 9

    Sleep tight

    Have a good night sleep before the interview to look fresh.

  • 10

    Just be yourself

    Don’t pretend to be anyone else and just be original in the interview.

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