Finding Part-Time Employment

Part-time employment is a practical means for everyone from teens to retirees to earn an income. The reasons people choose to work part-time vary; they may attend school, want to spend more time with their family, or need some extra cash. Whatever the reason behind the decision to work part-time, finding the perfect part-time job needs not be a daunting task.

One very effective way of securing a part-time job is through networking. Do you have a friend that works at the bank where you want a job? Or are your parents friends with the owner of the ice cream shop that is hiring? If you know someone who is employed at the place where you would like to work, by all means make use of that connection. Many businesses actively seek new employees who have been referred by their current staff and it is very common practice for employers to hire friends and relatives of their employees.

Even if you do not know someone who is associated with a particular employer, it is certainly possible to land a part-time job. Another successful approach to finding a part-time job is applying in person to companies that you wish to work for. Look for signs that advertise employment opportunities or search in your community yellow pages for companies in the sector you want to work in. Just remember to be prepared when you apply in person; you should dress professionally and bring with you all pertinent information including the name and address of previous employers, dates employed, references, and a Drivers License. If you have a resume bring that, and be prepared to be interviewed on the spot.

It is also possible to find listings of part-time employment opportunities in a variety of publications. Your local newspaper(s) is the most obvious choice for locating part-time employment. Other useful periodicals include “The Employment Guide” and “Pennysaver”, both of which publish regional part-time openings.

There are also a number of organizations that can aid you in your search for a part-time job. High school students will find that their school’s guidance office can often provide a listing of employers seeking part-time help. Career Services at universities can be another vital resource for the college student looking for a part-time job. Additionally, local job centers and unemployment offices exist to make the job search easier for prospective employees. Visiting these centers will help improve your chances for finding a part-time job by assuring that you apply with employers who are seeking new recruits.

Lastly, online searches can prove to be an effective means of locating a part-time job. Not only can you visit websites that specialize in the job search such as Monster and Hot Jobs, but also many companies, such as Wal-Mart, Fed-Ex, and J C Pennys, accept applications for employment on their websites. You can also access classifieds from local newspapers online or visit the Department of Labor in your state for a listing of part-time employment.

Clearly there are many different avenues to take in your search for a part-time job. By using a variety of approaches when entering the job market you maximize your success for finding the part-time job of your dreams.

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