How to Write a Resume for a Warehouse Job

It is very important that the resume you send out for different job opportunities should not be the same. Always send your resume according to the specific requirements of the job you are applying to. The same rules apply when you are writing a resume for a warehouse job. In order to get a warehouse job, the focus of your resume should be on the respective skills, training and experience you have in the field. If you are new to this field, detail anything that can be of relevance to the post. There are a number of ways to write a resume for a warehouse job.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Printer
– Resume paper


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    You can check for warehouse job advertisements over the internet by visiting job hunting sites  or classified ads in your local newspaper.

    Look for the qualifications required by the employers such as CDL, forklift certification, OSHA knowledge, shipping and receiving experience.

    Try to match your particular skills, training and experience to these qualifications; this will come in handy when you are writing the resume.

    Choose a resume template that matches your background perfectly by reviewing a number of sample resumes. These can be located online. You can also be innovative and original.

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    Provide details in the resume

    Write your contact information at the top of the CV. Add name, address, home phone number, email address and cell phone number. Put an objective with the name of the warehouse job you want, like a Material Handler or Procurement Officer.

    Provide your work experience in their order of occurrence. Remember to begin with your most recent job. Write down the company name, city and state, dates of employment and job designation. Explain briefly the job duties you performed which were same or similar to the warehouse position. Explain your experience by offering numbers, time frames and percentages.

    You can make use of industry jargon like stocking, material handling and inventory control.

    Provide details of any accomplishments which you had made in your previous job. Tell them about your job responsibilities and the things that were under your supervision or how much material you shipped or packed.

    Also add an education section listing your high school diploma credentials or GED certification along with any other training or certifications.

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