How to Be a Building Inspector

If you have some basic construction or building sense and the desire to work in a demanding field, then becoming a Building Inspector can be the right career choice for you. The need for Building Inspectors is always high as construction is constantly being done especially in large cities. Being a Building Inspector is a very important position which helps determine if the construction or building is considered safe and satisfactory under the building laws of your area. It is not difficult to become a Building Inspector especially if you have some construction experience beforehand. By working hard and taking the proper training you can also join this rewarding job.


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    Learn Building Laws and Codes:

    It is important to talk to the City Government in the area that you live to provide you with all the necessary information on building laws and codes. Also, you can find a lot of information about training with current Building Inspectors as well.

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    Find Building Inspector Training Course:

    To help you study all the building laws and codes it is important to find an approved Building Inspector Training Course. Make sure that a proper Building Inspector takes you out in to the field so you can get the proper training. The City Government will help guide you on where to go to get help understanding the technicalities of becoming a Building Inspector.

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    Enrol in Training Course:

    Once you have found a suitable training course, enrol in the program and buy all the materials like books and manuals that you will need.

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    Study Hard:

    Study hard as it is very important to understand all of the safety building codes that you will need to inspect. Although it can be complicated, remember that being a Building Inspector is an important responsibility.

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    On the job Training:

    Most of the training for becoming a Building Inspector is done on the job. That is why it is very important to find a suitable course to help you understand the different inspection techniques.

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    Pass Exams and Inspection Tests:

    After learning about all the different codes and inspection training techniques, take and pass the proper exams and tests.

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    Find Apprenticeship:

    After completing your tests and exams, find an appropriate apprenticeship. Once you complete the apprenticeship, you will become a Certified Building Inspector.

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    Find a Job:

    Look for a job with a reputable company that handles building inspections. You can also gain valuable experience by working with a high quality team. After a few years you can start your own Building Inspection business.

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