How to Be an Auctioneer at a Charity Auction

Auction is a type of public sale where people bid for different items and the highest bidder takes that item(s) home. No matter it is an antique auction, real estate auction or a charity auction, there must be a person to keep the event running smoothly. An auctioneer is the person who is responsible to channelise everything.

Auctioneer tells the clients about the significance of items and entices them to open up their wallets. Sometimes, they also have to oversee the preparation of auctions and one must be super efficient to be a successful auctioneer.


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    Get proper education:

    You must know that many educational institutes organise special courses for this field. You should not downplay their importance as these courses can really help you in the trade. Mostly, these short courses equip you with business sense, secrets of public speaking, successful marketing and voice control.

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    Get a license:

    You must know that a state professional license is necessary to be an auctioneer. This is because the auctioneers’ job is related to public trust.

    Given the value of items at disposal, authorities need some verification before allowing a person to be an auctioneer at a charity.

    Every state has its own laws so you should do some research and follow the procedure properly.

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    Look for an association:

    In most of the countries, auctioneers have their unions; you should look for them and get yourself registered. The additional benefit of getting registered is that these associations provide you opportunities to elevate your skills. They give you audio and video files to learn the tricks of trade, and to employ them in real life.

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    Start as an assistant:

    Do not expect much in the beginning as you may have to work as a ring person before earning a status of a professional auctioneer. A ring person basically assists the auctioneer in confirming bids and addressing the minute details of the sale.

    Working as a ring person is the best way to learn the art of auctioning and prepare yourself for the big day.

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    Attend live auctions:

    You should attend as many live charity auctions as possible. This will give you an idea about the overall atmosphere of the event. You can find countless videos on the internet; watch them and hone your skills.

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