Top 10 Jobs that are most Dangerous

Sitting on a comfortable office chair in an air conditioned room is quite easy, no matter how tough your routine is. When you have such facilities, you can easily perform your daily tasks without any hindrances.

However, some people don’t have the liberty to relax; they have tough jobs, where even their lives are at risk. They have to stay alert all the time and act in emergency situations. The article will provide an insight on some of the toughest jobs.


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    10. Test pilot

    A job of a test pilot is to test new aircrafts, which means that they are at a risk of losing their lives, if something goes wrong with the new machinery.

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    9. Astronauts

    Being an astronaut requires you to be courageous and extremely fit. The training is quite hard and you need both mental and physical toughness to become an astronaut. One moment of weakness on the job, you might end up losing your life.

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    8. Riot police

    If you are part of the riot police, your life is always in danger. It is not easy to control an aggressive crowd and mobs especially in the under developed countries, where terrorism is also rife.

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    7. Crab fisherman

    Crab fishermen have to fight the extreme weather conditions to earn a living. They can are always at a peril of  losing their lives because of uncontrollable situations.

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    6. Oil rig worker

    Being a part of the oil and gas industry is not easy, especially if you at the rig. This job can put you under extreme pressure and can account for your life in case of accidents.

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    5. Construction site labour

    Number four in the list is being a construction site labourer, who has to perform some extremely difficult tasks. If anything goes wrong, one can simply end up sustaining life threatening injuries.

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    4. High-rise maintenance worker

    If you are scared of heights, never look for a career in high-rise maintenance. The risk sounds in the name.

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    3. Sewer cleaner

    The most ecologically and biologically dangerous environment is under the sewer. Even if you don’t die, you are at a risk of harming tour organs.

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    2. Fire fighters

    One of the most dangerous jobs anywhere in the world is being a fire fighter. Whenever there is a fire emergency, you have to rush and save people's lives by risking your own. Although one gets training to become a fire fighter, it is not easy to risk your life for the protection of others. This job is number9  on the list.

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    10. Bomb disposal squad

    There is no margin of error, if you are a part of the bomb disposal squad. Your life is always at a risk.

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