How to Be an Online Mock Juror

If you are interested in making money online, consider taking on the role of an online mock juror. The fascinating part is that you can choose your own working hours and cases to which you want to respond. However, there are a few things that you must realise before you can actually make money being an online mock juror. One the most important of those things is that you must have the right amount of leisure time at your disposal so that you can read the cases properly.


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    Choosing the right mock jury website is very important if you plan to make a living out of being an online mock juror. Choose a website that has maintains a fair balance between the number of cases available and the payment that you get for each case in which you adjudicate. Ejury, Verdict Search, Trial Jury, and Online Verdict are some of the available options. Make sure that you completely understand the terms and conditions before signing up.

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    Once you have chosen a mock jury website, sign up by giving your personal information such as your home address, contact information and payment method and details so that you can be delivered payments if and when you respond to a case. You will also have to provide you email address so that you can be informed when a case becomes available. There is no limit to the number of cases you can choose. You will be informed about the payment that you will receive for being a mock juror in a prospective case.

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    Lawyers use online juries in order to determine if they have a chance of winning a particular case in the court or not. Since court costs are much higher as compared to hiring a few mock jurors online, most lawyers prefer getting input on a particular case ahead of time before actually appealing that particular case in court. In order to become an online mock juror, this is one of the most important facts that you need to realise.

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    Realise the fact that you definitely can not make a mint out of becoming an online mock juror simply because the number of cases available is not enough. However, if you want to spend your leisure time, this is the best part time job for you.

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