How to Be an Effective E-Mailer

If the basic means of your communication with others is email, you need to make sure that you write you emails effectively. There are a number of rules which you must follow in order to write perfect email messages. A properly written email message will be responded to in time. Additionally, if you know the right way to compose an email, the recipient will be able to respond to your email in a much better way. Here is what you can do to ensure that the email messages you send are very close to being perfect.


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    The subject of your email has to be well written and precise. This means that you should use as minimum words as possible to convey to convey what the email is regarding to. Consider the subject of the email very similar to a news paper headline. Remember that emails without subject are mostly considered spam which is why you need to add an appropriate subject line to all the emails that you write.

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    Since sending an email will not cost you anything under normal circumstances, so do not stuff a lot of important points in a single email. Instead, try to make one point in each email and if you have more than one point that you wish to make, send more than one emails. This technique makes it easier for the recipient to replay to your emails in an appropriate time frame and you will be getting more accurate and to the point responses.

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    You may want to specify the type of response that you are expecting. For instance, if you wish to schedule an appointment, send an email which specifically requests the recipient to respond with the date and time of the appointment. Alternatively, you can ask the recipient to contact your via phone in which case you should include your contact phone number.

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    Use the End of Message (EOM) technique especially if you are writing a very short email message. This technique is especially useful when you can include all the information in the subject line, write the words ‘EOM’ at the end of the subject in order to make the recipient aware that there is no need to open the email message and the all the subject line is the message itself.

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    Finally, check your inbox regularly to make sure that you respond to important emails in time. Adhere to all the guidelines detailed above and respond to email as precisely as possible.

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