How to Improve Editing Skills

An editor is considered to be one of the most important persons in any media organization and the success of a newspaper, magazine or a television channel heavily depends on his/her efficiency level. Apart from the fact that the primary job of an editor is to erase any kind of errors in a story and make it more presentable, he is someone who decides which news should be published and which needs to be trashed. This is the reason why they are also known as ‘gatekeepers’.

In order to become a successful editor, you must be a highly talented person, possessing a wide range of linguistic and analytical skills. These skills then need to be polished with the passage of time if you are mentally prepared to learn and work hard.


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    Have communication skills of the highest level

    Communication skills are extremely important when it comes to efficient editing. You must have clarity of thoughts; otherwise, you would never be able to convey a message to the audience or the readers. In order to improve your communication skills, you should read different books and take parts in debates and positive arguments. Once you expose your mind to knowledge, you will naturally enhance your ability to communicate with others. Your communication skills include the ability to comprehend a piece of writing, which is crucial for good editing.

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    Expertise in the language

    Expertise in the language of the newspaper or television is a prerequisite to success. If you are not an expert of the language, you will not be in a position to eradicate the grammatical errors in a piece of writing. You should always look to improve your linguistic skills through dictionaries and reading articles, books or columns of renowned writers.

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    Go through the content slowly while proofreading

    In order to understand the original draft, you should read it slowly and try to absorb it. An editor should proofread a piece of writing at least three times to make sure that there are no errors. Remember that you cannot afford to make even the slightest of mistakes as the reputation of the newspaper, website, magazine or the television channel will be at stake.

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    Verify the facts

    The facts given in a news story or an article should be verified by the editor. Reporters tend to make mistakes when it comes to exact statistics and figures.

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