How to Fix Ergonomics in the Workplace

Having the right ergonomics in the workplace is crucial to ensure that the employees are sitting and working in a healthy manner. If the ergonomics are not sufficient then injuries can occur to the employees while they work. Most companies do make it a point to work on the ergonomics of the workplace to ensure that the best possible arrangements are given to the employees to enhance productivity and prevent injuries. If you want to fix ergonomics in the workplace then there are some simple techniques that you can apply to help.


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    Check desk and chair height:

    Make sure that the desk and chair that you sit on for most of the day are comfortable and more importantly adjustable. The chair should be able to recline and move up and down. If for some reason you chair is not functioning properly then you should get it replaced or fixed by the management as soon as possible. The desk height should also be checked to ensure that it is of the proper height according to your requirements. Everyone is a different height and the desk should be at a comfortable or standard height in conjunction with your chair.

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    Check feet and knees:

    Check the position of your feet and knees while sitting in your office chair. If your feet are not on the floor in a completely flat position or your knees are not in a ninety degree position then your chair is not suitable or needs to be adjusted for height. Remember the height of your chair will ensure that you do not suffer from any strain while sitting for countless hours working.

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    Check distance from chair to desk:

    Most modern office chairs have wheels underneath to allow the user to pull or push the chair forward or back from the desk according their own comfort levels. Sit on your office chair and move it forward until your hands touch the keyboard of your computer on the desk. If you feel any strain in your arms then that means either you are too far or too close to the desk. Move your chair accordingly and make a note of this position so that when you move the chair or get up you can get pack to the original position.

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    Relieve back pressure:

    To avoid any back issues you should adjust your chair for lumbar support. Most chairs have a cushion or some padding that is located at the small of your back. Check to see if you can adjust it for comfort.

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