How to Find Business Ethics Training for Employees

The search for the right business ethics training program has increased as companies look to avoid financial ruin witnessed in the past five years. Knowing that the job is a specialized one, companies look for an option which matches their corporate goals.


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    Professional organizations

    Take help from other professional organizations which have processes similar to yours. If you are running an accounting or finance company, then join the American Accounting Association or National Society of Accountants. This way you will be linked to a business web and can take help from other similar organizations and individuals with expertise.

    Make sure that your company has a well documented code which is regularly updated to meet modern challenges.

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    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    The business school provides professional ethics training to all business related professionals. It is an accredited school which deals with various courses on code of conduct, business ethics, and stipulating decision-making, creating awareness on the need of having ethics in place in order to reduce ethical or racial conflicts.

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    SAI Global

    It is a global organization which helps companies all over by providing consultancy service, information and solutions on how to minimize risk, achieving compliance as well improving the overall governance of your business. Apart from that, they create awareness on ethics and other relevant policy issues.

    Generally there are three broader divisions – Informational Service Division which provides information on how to comply with Standards, regulations and legislation. The Compliance Division which aid companies on issues such as governance and risk. The Assurance Division is the practical work they perform for organizations which includes auditing and assessment on how to improve performance.

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    ELT Online Compliance Training solutions

    It is an online training system which provides opportunities for companies to develop a culture of ethics, inclusion and respect. They deal in legal matters, HR and help businesses manage critical workplace challenges. ELT has a community of over 2000 leading organizations all over the world.  The programs will take into account a particular company’s goal and mission and provide various customized solutions. The Content is developed by Littler (Employment & Labor Law Solutions Worldwide) and is endorsed by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

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