How to Stop Employee Theft

There are a number of employee theft incidents in every company over the course of a year. Many companies fail to provide proper evidence to support their cases and are unable to take action against the accused. This is only because many organizations nowadays fail to mention any clause in the employees’ contracts regarding a situation like this.

Many steps can be taken to avoid such happenings in the office which include proper surveillance, inventory checks, a harsh policy regarding theft and a strict action in case any incident is proven. Almost every company has to accumulate a certain amount to the losses under the head of employee theft. To avoid this and to lessen the amount of losses, safety measures have to be taken immediately.


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    Develop a clear policy

    The company has to have a clear policy regarding Employee theft. The employees should know about the actions the company can take regarding any such incident. The best way is to clearly mention the terms and conditions in the contract. The clauses should be clearly mentioned so that there is no confusion after an employee is accused of theft

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    Surveillance in the office

    To make sure things are run according to a proper system in the office, surveillance is very important. Cameras should be installed in every room if possible and there should be proper checks whenever an employee enters or leaves the office premises

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    Provide lockers to employees

    Employees should be provided with a locker facility so that they can keep their valuables in them. Locked drawers and cabinets is also a very good way to avoid office theft. Advise all employees to keep their belongings and important office stuff in locks to avoid any incident

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    Regular inventory checks

    Try to keep regular inventory checks to make sure everything is going good. The inventories include all types of office supplies such as stationery, ink cartridges, computer products etc. It is always good not to announce or mention a proper date for the inventory check to give a consistent result in your evaluation

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    Strict action against employees responsible

    The employees should know what the company is capable of whenever an employee is at fault. There should be strong action against any defaulters to teach the other employees a lesson of what the company can do in case a situation like this arises. Make sure that whatever you do is within the limitations of the contract otherwise you may be sued by the accused

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