How to Understand Your Employees

Trying to understand employees is nothing new as many companies are always looking for new ways to motivate their workers. Regardless of whether you have ten or a thousand employees, learning how to understand your workers is important to help improve productivity and of course to eventually increase profits. There are many different techniques that you can use to better understand your employees and choosing the right one is critical to save time and money.


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    Talk to employees

    Although this may sound very basic, but talking to your employees can often work wonders. If you talk about different facets of their lives and their jobs, you will get tremendous insight on what makes them tick and how they feel about working for you. It is also a good idea to increase communication amongst all the employees to help improve overall productivity.

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    Take time out to actually listen to what your employees are saying about the company or a particular project that they might be working on. It is always a good idea to get their feedback and the more you seek their opinion, the more important they will feel.

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    Promote from within

    Instead of brining on some high flyer that has a huge salary, it is always better to promote an employee that has been loyal to the company for many years. This also motivates the other employees as they feel that if they work hard, they can eventually get promoted to a better position in the company.


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    Group activities

    At least once a month it is a good idea to organize group activities for your employees. These activities can include going to the movies, picnic with families or employee awards dinner. It is a good idea to have a suggestions box in the office that you can check to understand your employee’s preferences. Group activities help build teamwork and increase communication amongst the employees. This will always lead to increased productivity.

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    Company newsletter

    Have some of the employees get together and come up with a funny company newsletter that highlights the lives of different workers in the office. Each employee can put their article or story in this newsletter that can be distributed monthly. This gives the employees the feeling that they are part of a big family and each begins to understand the other better.

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    Do a quick survey in the office and let the employees know that it is confidential and anonymous. Let your workers write anything they want, especially about the way they feel about working in the company.

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