How to Reap the Benefits of Teamwork

Team work is essential to the success of any project especially when the project base is so big that one specialized entity can’t perform the entire activity alone. It is crucial to understand that locating the free riders in the group is also a critical task because they can ruin the whole performance of the team and everyone suffers equally due to the lack of interest or work of one gentleman or woman. Hence, the things that are made easier by working in a form of a group can also backfire if there is no synergy and not everyone is giving their level best.


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    Identify those individuals that have the potential to be supportive and don’t want to work in isolation. They should be motivated to help others and must not hide anything from the group because any trivial information can form a critical part in the entire work of the project. Productive members should be hired to form a team instead of those that are laid back and have no interest in the project task. There should be no one who procrastinates at the time of the deadlines.

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    You need to find the specialisation of every individual. You need to know that they will be able to provide the assigned task within the deadline. No one should be overburdened by the work due to their mastery in something because that will be injustice to him/her. Hence, divide the task in a manner that everyone can do it within the allotted time and without much fuss or hassle.

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    Everyone should be allotted equal amount of work. It is very unrealistic to say that the task of each individual working as a group can be labelled as equally difficult as the other but it should not be skewed anyway. No one should be able to tell that one person is doing more work than the other. Otherwise, the one who is doing more can become a commanding authority and might like to push the group towards his style of work which will not be beneficial for the synergies of the team work.

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    Everyone should be told their deadlines for the milestones and no one should be given leverage in this regard. Everyone should be treated equally.

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    Enjoy the work and doesn’t bully anyone during the project time because everyone has their own style to work.

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