How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan for Employees

Effectiveness of the organization depends on the effectiveness of each of its employees beyond any doubt. Measuring the professionalism, effectiveness and leadership competencies, what needs to be improved in order to achieve better results, to see the professional potential of each employee and determining the area where his skills will be more effective are the key responsibilities of a manager.

To increase the efficiency of staff is not an easy task. This is an important and crucial stage within any company because the success of any organization depends primarily on the work of their employees.


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    Improving efficiency begins with an analysis of the current situation. You should study the career of the employee since joining the company and try to identify the needs of employees. At this stage, it is also important to examine the current system of incentives in the enterprise.

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    Identify the purpose and the result you want to achieve through performance evaluation. For example, if you need to make improvement in the system of motivation, personnel decisions, the need for staff training or skill development.

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    Develop criteria for evaluating the effectiveness depending on the purpose of the event and the specific activity.

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    Select evaluation tools. You can conduct tests, ask for business simulations, give away questionnaires and can conduct interviews regarding the current state of mind of the employee. Professional consultants are required for complex assessment. However, none of the tools can give 100% accurate result. Therefore, many organizations use the combined system of evaluation.

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    Maintain communication ease with staff. Explain them the purpose of the assessment process and how it will happen. This is necessary so that employees understand what you are trying for the organization itself and for each one of the employees.

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    Provide feedback to make the personnel evaluation process as a two-way process. Employees should be given the opportunity to express their views and wishes about the company and where they want to see them in next few years.

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    Make analytical estimates of individual performance, effectiveness implementation plans, management objectives, professional and leadership competencies, loyalty, salary levels and other.

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    Analyse the information and based on the assessment take the necessary measures to improve the efficiency of staff.

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