Top 10 Ways to Handle Office Politics

With more diverse work places and competition for glory, office politics has risen. The competitiveness sometimes becomes negative, favouritism persists, gossiping, going behind backs and so much more. In the middle of all this, you need to stand your ground and survive in the environment. Here are ten ways that guide you on how to handle office politics.


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    Helping Colleagues

    The easiest way to stay away from politics is to help people. Try to be there for your colleagues when they want a small favour or are in a sticky situation. This will help you make friends and you will be liked by all.

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    Don't Make Enemies

    Try to avoid making enemies. Enemies are made when you shout at someone, go behind their back and complain to the boss or are generally rude to people. This will make them against you and they will try to find reasons to insult you.

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    Be Natural

    Try to stay out of those situations which involve choosing sides. Be as diplomatic as possible. Be neutral when you come to work. Keep your focus on what is the main purpose of coming to work and be nice to everyone.

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    Don't Reveal Your Plannings

    Try to keep your future project plans or such stuff a secret. If people overhear you talking to someone about it, they might try to cheat it. Keep your work to yourself and you will stay out of trouble this way.


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    Don't Be a Part of Any Group

    Avoid forming groups in the office. Different groups are usually against each other and it can lead to multiple disagreements and heated arguments. The other party is sure to dislike you. Groupings cause people to doubt each other’s intentions and become jealous and envious.

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    Don't Mix Your Personal and Professional Life

    Do not mix your personal and professional life. Our personal issues tend to stay in our mind but try to keep them private. If you start discussing it with someone, it may get leaked and you will become a gossip.

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  • 7

    Don't Criticize Other People

    Keep your comments to yourself. Even if you do not like what someone else is doing, there is no need to say it out loud. That person will take the criticism negatively and will get against you.

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  • 8

    Keep a Healthy Relation with your Boss

    Having a good relationship with the boss is always beneficial. You shouldn’t be your be your boss’s pet but try to keep him happy. Meet deadlines and keep a healthy relation with him. If the boss likes you, no one can do much to you.

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  • 9

    Know Your Colleagues

    There is no harm in making friends. Try to go with your colleagues in the lunch break and have casual chats with them this will break the ice and there will be no animosity between you people

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  • 10

    Keep your Eyes & Ears Open

    You need to be aware of what’s happening around you. There is no need to get involved but be observant.


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